Life within abundant AMORALITY ??

On the 3rd day of the year of A.D. 2021 my perspective of any chance of life improving on the blue marble is dependent on a condition that needs to be thrown out during the coming spring cleaning. The condition of AMORALITY is defined as:

1. Not admitting of moral distinctions or judgments; neither moral nor immoral

2. Lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right and wrong.

AMORALITY leaves a community floundering in what the “great yellow-headed trumpeter” described as living in a primordial swamp [Washington], where ‘politicians unlike its’ self’, had created such an oppressive state of affairs that freedom, democracy and government could not co-exist. The result of such extensive messaging demeaning and invalidation of anyone who cares and nurtures the human spirit left a trail of destruction not unlike a tornado or cyclone of the greatest magnitudes. The attack on both the individuals who supported human rights and dignity of all peoples were silenced by the cacophony of the blind, deaf, and dumb (3 monkeys seeing, hearing, speaking no evil) screaming from their devices. Such devaluation in a community on persons inner core self is a source lighting the match of reactive anger explosions.

In times of pandemics using suggestions of personal responsibility to protect and care for other disconnected people in a crisis some how failed the community. The silence inside a mob of people comes from a sense of anonymity where going with the flow ends up being a strategy. Until one can peel away from the mob and depart to the sidelines or do something different, rules have no meaning. Subsequent consequences are left to the whim of those claiming leadership roles and to do nothing can be seen is a form of abuse of others who were following prestated positions. Not knowing what the AUTHORATARIAN behavior will emerge may be difficult for persons to match the expectations and outcomes which vary depending on who is watching and paying attention. Trying hard to meet multiple conflicting outcomes in a work culture stuck in amorality, with no standards of right or wrong, or blurred boundaries create a paradox situation making a firm choice a potential of unknown outcomes. No clear values of principles and a moral code can damage the public interest or health of a community. For example the encouragement of supporting the airline or travel industry when travel guidelines suggest less travel for public health protection all the while allowing people to operate under personal responsibility opens a proverbial can of worms as individuals may soon adopt there choice of wants ignoring what they need to be about. The choices that get made have potential to doing and being anyway which way but loose (a video & song) feeling and not knowing what to say or do. Hence the need to recover a set of guidelines to become real and not some amorphous political non-ordering of decency and non-condemnation for freedom to choose leaves collateral damage to reputation, non-confidence in the expectation of leadership and a growing list of experiences not easily forgotten for many months.

I was raised in a family where community and caring for all life around inculcated a set of beliefs that informed me concepts about right and wrong. Until a mid-life moment 30 years ago during a previous recession in the 1990’s I discovered the word “right” had almost the highest number of definitions than any other word in any dictionary. Many of the definitions clashed like polar opposites. The words we use have power. Could the failure to use words to clearly dictate expectations of respect and preferred behaviour of self and others based on an amoral culture of work be a result of no moral compass? Can such The year 2020 helped some clear and clarify a vision into the future whether we wanted to consider the vision or not. Recovering our present coordinates of a defined balance and dance with responsibility and rights that protect our selves from as ‘Pogo claimed I have seen the enemy and it is us! Correcting the lenses of our vision may help us to see clearly what needs to be done to bring honesty, respect and dignity for all to be able to work together again.

I sense many such ideas nurture the “amoral mess” we find ourselves in. If Premier Kenny is wont to take the fall for his fallen flock, such is an expression of a “martyr”. He should resign, call an election so that in the end he can ride off into the sunset of his dreams with what ever dignity he claims to have. His job is done here in Alberta.

to be continued as the days go by

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